A victim of homophobic bullying commits a murder in the heat of the moment. For fear of never ending hate crimes he goes on a bloody road trip in which the revenger on high heels finds his first big love.

SEBASTIAN (26) lives in a small outback town in rural Australia with his NANA NANCY (75). Since he was teenager he has been bullied for his femininity. One night after a brutal attack, Sebastian fights back and in the heat of the moment kills his attackers. FELIX (31) from Germany witnesses the attack and sympathizes with Sebastian’s situation. Felix lost his boyfriend in a hate crime in Berlin and has been drifting through life since then, haunted and looking for a new beginning. Felix decides to help Sebastian leave the country. On the road the two grow closer, but their delicate love comes under threat. Sebastian brought his Nana’s hunting rifle, continues killing, placing his and Felix’ life repeatedly at risk. After running away and hiding his entire life, living in fear, Sebastian has had enough. He wants to become the fear and develops a radical plan to target prominent people who spread hate like wildfire against Gays and Lesbians. When Nana Nancy finds out about Sebastian’s plan she tries to stop him but Sebastian has gone too far and one of his enemies is out for blood, with Nana first on his hit list. When Sebastian is almost caught and his life is in danger, Felix rescues him but fears that he could again lose the man he loves and decides to leave. When Felix realizes that his love for Sebastian is stronger than his fear it is too late. Sebastian’s enemies have caught up to him and Felix must turn into a killer himself to rescue Sebastian – the NANCY PANSY HAIRY MARY killers are born!








Logline Deutsch
Ein Mobbing-Opfer tötet im Affekt zwei homophobe Hetzer und geht aus Angst vor nie endender Hasskriminalität auf einen blutigen Road-Trip, bei dem der Serienkiller auf High Heels seine erste große Liebe findet.

Synopsis Deutsch
SEBASTIAN (26), aufgewachsen im Outback Australiens, wird seit der Schulzeit wegen seines femininen Auftretens schikaniert. Bei einem brutalen Überfall eskaliert die Situation und er tötet im Affekt – vor den Augen von FELIX (31), der zusammen mit ihm flüchtet. Auf dem Road Trip kommen sich beide näher. Doch ihre Liebe ist bedroht. Sebastian tötet weiter. Felix, der seinen Freund in einem Hate Crime in Berlin verlor, befürchtet, noch einmal den Mann zu verlieren, den er liebt und will aussteigen. Doch seine Liebe überwindet die Angst. Zusammen werden sie zu den NANCY PANSY HAIRY MARY - Killern!



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