June 22nd 2014

Well, It has been a while since our last update - only because we have been hard at work on the latest draft - and it is one we are ready to call the final! Now the next challenge begins! Getting this beast of a Road Movie into Production! Stay tuned for more updates hopefully to come soon.

April 22nd 2013

Since our amazing Crowdfunding Event last year, we have been working hard at developing the script
further as well as trying to secure further financing so we can tell this once in a lifetime story to
the best of our abilities. We hope to have some more exciting news for you in a months time!

July 7th 2012

WOW! The Crowdfunding Campaign is DONE!!! AMAZING!!! What a ride that was!!!
A Big thanks to EVERYONE who helped us out, by spreading the word, posting it on their facebooks, twittering
it and emailing it to their peoples! Plus to all of the lovely people who wrote and or posted something about the
film on their websites and publications! It was a HUGE help and of course, to all of those who donated!!
you are all legends and now part of queer cinema history in the making!!!

scroll down for more news!







July 2nd

We Have Made our Crowdfunding Goal! Happy Days! Now with just a few days left, help us reach further,
as we all know, making movies is not cheap, so the more we can raise, the more likely we can push this film
into production!!!

June 14th


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