To make Fundrasing a success, it requires a lot of people talking about it...
So the FIRST step is, to talk about it.
How to do this, and how to talk online about a great new film that needs your help to exist? It is simple

1. email you friends. tell them, hey, there is this great project, that needs to get made, and pass on the link!
2. post it on your facebooks and your twitters, ask people to re post it on their walls!
3. write about it on your blog, open up discussions and ask your readers to take a look at our website!
4. talk about it, perhaps at work, around the water cooler, in the kitchen, at home, in the supermarket
6. like out facebook page, and stay in the loop with all of the updates from the campaign and see the film progress!

The SECOND step is to garner a little press attention.
How can you help with this, perhaps you do not know any press, or maybe there is press right behind you!
A simple letter to your local Newspaper alerting them of the campaign can do wonders!
And if you know of any press that could be interested in writing about the film and campaign, you can
also ways pass their details on to us!

and the THIRD step - Is DONATING
Follow the Pay Pal Steps to be part of this great film!!!




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